Have you been using DCLOracle already?

Come join us on the DCLOracle Discord server! Your ideas can make it better!

For easy content moderation, we require all contributers and commenters to join our discord and use the same account on the site.

What exclusive benefits are planned for Discord members

  • Bug Upvoting: Give visibility to bugs by upvoting them
  • Article Comments: Engage in discussions by commenting on posted articles
  • Toon Info Submission: Submit and get credited for sharing Toon stats at various levels and your suggested Legendary Orders
  • Custom Tier List Maker: Build your own personalized Tier List using a dedicated Tier List builder tool
  • Community Tier List Voting: Participate in voting for the Community Tier List on the website
  • Planner Tool: Keep track of your geared toons and manage resource allocation (stretch goal)
  • And More! Waiting for your suggestions on the Discord server Suggestions channel!